Helping Your Business Communicate

If your company is experiencing the challenge of clarifying how your products, services, and ideas help your customers, then The Seagull Company can help.  We help companies communicate, clarify, and excite their clientele.  Our goal is to remove obstacles that prevent buying decisions.


We develop high-end animation to communicate products, services, and ideas.


Develop company videos for promotional and educational purposes.


Offer high-end branding for up-and-coming and established companies.  Includes developing new marketing material pieces, and organizing and managing marketing campaigns.


Design and develop websites for companies.  Websites are responsive, and work across multiple devices and browsers.

Why use Animation & Video?

It’s not secret.  Animation is the most effective way to communicate your products, services, ideas.  What may take hours to describe with words, can be described in minutes with animation.  The Seagull Company firmly believes that animation is an absolutely essential communication tool for any company.

Animation is not an expenditure, it is an investment.  And your company will grow through the proper use of the animation and video we develop.  It’s the reason why our company has grown so quickly over the past 5 years – our animations and videos work.

What makes us different ?

You can manage you projects from anywhere, anytime.

We put every project in the cloud. Whether your’re in the office, at a hotel, or about to board a plane, you have instant access to view, manage and review you projects.

We’re on your time.

We take your time seriously. Rather than sending drawn out email messages, we package information in videos, to streamline your feedback process. We use WebEx for meetings, so you can communicate with us quickly no matter where you are. And if you still prefer email, you can count on us to respond and react quickly to your feedback.

You don’t have to micromanage.

We’re skilled, deadline-driven, and get things done. We know you don’t< have time to babysit your projects, and you shouldn’t have to, either. Once you give us the specs, we run with it, delivering on-time and on-spec.Rest easy– we’ve got this.